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you have no idea how badly i wish it was still christmas so that this was relevant


Do you ever just have to pause a tv show because you know something bad is about to happen and you want the power to prevent it?

" It must be hard with your sense of direction, to find a good pickup line "

- Andrea Barr ,Supernatural season 1 episode 3- dead in the water (via pikachu-potter)

Hi, yes, I’d just like to remind people that while they oogle over Jamie Dornan when he plays Christian Grey in 50 Shades, I’m still over here crying over his death as Graham in OUAT

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V i l l a i n s don’t get happy endings. Do you believe that?

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" I sit here drunk now.
I am a series of
small victories
and large defeats "

- Charles Bukowski (via a-femmefatalist)

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BBC Sherlock in the original Victorian era

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